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📚 P3X OneNote Linux

A Linux compatible version of OneNote.

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Main Features 

P3X OneNote Linux is, actually, an independent browser window for the online OneNote. You can use this program without having to clutter your browser. The main functions are:

  • that is independent from any browser, as it works in it's own process
  • it provides a tray, that allows you to close your browser while it keeps running in the tray
  • the data is cached and is faster than always opening a new window
  • it allows you to sign in with the corporate or the personal login
  • when there is a new update, it auto updates itself
  • the program allows to use other Microsoft online applications, but the dedicated purpose is to use OneNote

Detailed Feature Information 

  • Dark mode is implemented through a non-official workaround, which may result in some inconsistencies since it's not directly supported by Microsoft.
  • Press ALT to access the menu.
  • The desktop has a menu system.
  • Use the --minimized argument to launch the application with the window minimized.
  • Window zoom functionality is available.
  • An application icon is present.
  • A bottom bar is included:
    • It displays the current URL.
    • Clicking on this bar copies the URL to the clipboard.
  • A new option is available in the Edit menu:
    • "Copy this location to the clipboard," duplicating the function available in the bottom bar.
  • A restart button is provided to clear the cache, useful for resolving errors and logging in again.
  • The application remembers the last opened notebook to the extent permitted by Online OneNote.
  • Under Menu > Settings:
    • "Close to the tray" option:
      • When checked, minimizes the application to the tray rather than exiting.
      • When unchecked, the application closes completely on pressing the quit button.
  • Proxy settings can be adjusted in the settings menu.
  • A new menu item, Corporate home, is added:
    • Note: Without a Corporate login, it is impossible to debug this feature. If issues arise, providing your login details may allow for troubleshooting.
  • The language for OneNote is managed by Microsoft; efforts are made to support multiple languages through the Electron UI:
  • Support for multiple instances is available, though with limitations:
    • Configuration synchronization issues may arise when running multiple instances simultaneously. To avoid discrepancies, configure using a single instance, exit, and then initiate multiple instances.
    • Using multiple instances is possible but not recommended, though it was added based on user requests.

Releases / Downloadable installer 





You download from the releases page and install as:

wget https://github.com/patrikx3/onenote/releases/download/v${VERSION}/P3X-OneNote-${VERSION}-x86_64.flatpak
flatpak install ./P3X-OneNote-${VERSION}-x86_64.flatpak
flatpak run com.patrikx3.onenote

Besides the menu is integrated.

AppImage, deb, rpm 

AppImage, dep and rpm auto update itself.

To integrate into the menu in AppImage 


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:appimagelauncher-team/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install appimagelauncher

After downloading the AppImage, make it an executable. 

mkdir -p $HOME/opt
mv ~/Downloads/p3x-onenote-a.b.c-x86_64.AppImage $HOME/opt/
chmod +x $HOME/opt/p3x-onenote-a.b.c-x86_64.AppImage
# Then you can run it
$HOME/opt/p3x-onenote-a.b.c-x86_64.AppImage &

The app can be found on ElectronJs Apps and search for P3X, you will find it.


It was a request to build a Windows version. Issue 168

MacOS Compatibility 

Our application supports builds for both Intel and Apple Silicon architectures.

If you are a NodeJs Ninja 

You want to install via NPM...

Change log 

Read change log


For file names do not use camelCase, but use kebab-case. Folder should be named as kebab-case as well. As you can see, all code filenames are using it like that, please do not change that. Please apply the .editorconfig settings in your IDE.

For generating rpm on Ubuntu distro, you can use:

sudo apt-get install rpm

If you try to build the app with NPM, you have to change from electron devDependencies to dependencies, this is because it is created to be able to run this app from AppImage instead of an NPM.

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